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Individual Sites

  • Pre-screening and scheduling services are vital to the success of any research site. We can handle incoming and outbound calls for all of your currently enrolling trials. No need for internal recruitment staff as we can handle all daily recruitment duties. If you already have internal recruitment staff, we can compliment them by assisting with overflow calls when the volume gets too high.

  • We facilitate all inbound calls from Radio, TV, Social Media, and print advertisements with a phone number provided specifically for your site. This ensures we answer all calls as if we are right there in your office. If you would rather utilize an internal number of your own, we can simply forward that to our office as well.

  • We can handle all outbound calls utilizing your current database (Clinical Conductor, Real-time, Crio, etc...), Dr, Referrals or various recruiting services (TrialSpark, Acurian, ReachLocal, etc...)

  • We will gather all demographic, medication, and medical history information for new patients. If they are an existing patient in your database, we will simply update their current information.

  • We will go through all applicable pre-screening information (Inclusion/Exclusion) for the trial. If they do not qualify, we will try to roll them over in to other enrolling trials they may be a potential candidate for.

  • You can increase and decrease the volume of service you require from us at any time. With studies opening and closing at a moments notice its hard to know how much internal recruitment staff is necessary. With Precision Recruitment, Inc it will no longer be a concern. Simply outsource pre-screening to us and you can turn the service on and off as you see fit.

  • We offer Bi-lingual recruitment services for both English and Spanish patients. Our services are available 24 hours a day to assist with covering hours your internal staff can't. Results and patient updates are provided daily.

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