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  • Precision Recruitment, Inc’s Pre-screening and scheduling services allow Sponsors and CRO’s to be able to control all pre-screening, results, and patient updates from a single source. Our pre-screening service ensures each interested candidate is contacted within 24 hours and continually every 24 hours until the patient has been reached. This ensures a high percentage of patient engagement and increased study participants.

  • No more filtering through 20 reports from 20 sites trying to identify issues and trends. Now all pre-screening information, scheduling and feedback can come from a singular source.

  • We can also help create a phone screener for IRB approval. Utilizing the existing I/E and medication information, we can prepare a full script for review by the IRB at no additional cost.

  • For Sponsors or CRO’s utilizing patient recruitment sources like ReachLocal, Acurian, TrialSpark Etc… we are a perfect compliment. We can contact patients within the recruitment sources, pre-screen them and transfer the qualified patient over to the site for a live call immediately. If the site prefers we schedule the patient we can accommodate that as well.

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